The Mentors



Sarah Olson


Sarah Olson is an iOS Developer at Trello and Director of Women Who Code Twin Cities. She has over 18 years of experience in development, including backend, middleware, front-end and mobile technologies. 



Emi Lyman


Emi is a senior software engineer and artist into merging art and code!


Daniel Daza


Daniel is a techie and front end wiz that loves to help others. 
Daniel has been writing software professionally for a long time and is currently working with Angular 2 / .NET Web API.


Shane Ewert


Shane is a software and product geek passionate about customers, UX and building things fast. Real fast. and freelance technology consultant, Shane is now leading tech and helping grow @kidizen. 


Jessica Zehavi


Jessica is a senior software engineer at Clockwork where she uses her imagination and creativity to architect great solutions for her clients! In her spare time, she can be found showing her standard poodles, Jasper and Gideon (yeah, like Best in Show), crafting, or watching Star Trek.


Casie Siekman


Casie specializes in the MEAN stack and loves anything related to Javascript. Casie is currently working as a consultant at SDG, learning ReactJS and volunteer for the Twin Cities chapter of the Geekettes. In Casie's free time she likes to do yoga, cook, and drink wine.


Steve Tuckner


Steve is an independent software developer interested in giving everyone a chance to flail about in software as he does.


Kristina Durivage


Kristina is a software engineer by day, and a hardware hacker by night who lives in Minneapolis MN.


Amanda lagrange


After 6 years with General Mills in Corporate Finance, Amanda joined Tech Dump as the Director of Marketing in 2013. The MSPBJ recognized her as a 2014 Top 50 Women in Business, and she stepped into the CEO position in 2015. She continues to grow Tech Dump’s social and environmental impact with the 2016 launch of their retail store, Tech Discounts.


kevin whinnery


Kevin is a software developer from Saint Paul working in tech startups for the last 8 years. Ask Kevin for help with anything related to building and deploying web or mobile applications, or about building products for other software developers.


Matt Weber

Matt has been writing software professionally for a long time and is currently working with Angular 2 / .NET Web API.


uriah Blatherwick


Uriah is a veteran developer and small business owner. He enjoys mentoring and helping build successful teams.


ben demaree


Ben is passionate about API design and engineering, product development, and keeping it simple. And donuts. Also passionate about donuts.


Dom smith

Dom is a software engineer working on and has participated in a bunch of hackathons here in the twin cities and in Silicon Valley (and even won a few). Dom's also judged a few of the local hackathons (Hack the Heat, CodeDay).