Hack the Gap is a two-day hackathon aimed at creating a high-energy weekend where women from all backgrounds and experience levels can enjoy an accessible, approachable, positive experience.


To have fun, connect with others and challenge yourself to build a weekend project with a team. Hack the Gap is a place for women. A safe place to hack and explore and build without the headwinds of inherent bias and sexisim in tech.


Programmers! But if you don't code, that's cool, each team needs idea people, designers, data analysts, and testers, too. This event is for women and non-binary individuals who are interested in working together on a weekend project. If you're not sure if this event is for you? Get in touch with us.


Target Plaza Commons

1011 Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Sunday, January 15th, 2017

7:45 AM: Doors open for breakfast

12 PM: Lunch

1 PM: Doors open to Public for Demo Event

1 PM - 2:15 PM: Demo Pit

2:45 PM Finalists Demo on Stage

4:15 PM: Award Ceremony

5 PM: Wrap up

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

7:30 AM: Doors open for breakfast

8 AM: Kickoff, pitches and team formation

12 PM: Lunch & Workshop

3 PM: Snack

5 PM: Dinner

8 PM: Snack

10 PM: Everyone goes home to sleep

Volunteer & mentor schedules will be posted closer to the event.