Meet Our Organizers: Safrat and Becky

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From vintage clothing shop owner to musician, stylist, photographer and budding entrepreneur—this year’s Hack the Gap organizers bring so many different skills and perspectives to our team and have been essential to this year’s event planning. Get to know Safrat Shonibare and Becky Shaw below!

Safrat Shonibare

What do you do outside of Hack the Gap?

I am a stylist and own my own vintage clothing shop.

How did you learn about Hack the Gap?

I first heard about Hack the Gap through Kristen. She and I met at The Coven—Kristen was talking about starting to plan for the upcoming Hack the Gap event. She gave me the summary of what HTG was and I was hooked!

What has been your favorite part of working for Hack the Gap this year?

Seeing tickets sell out and checking off to-do lists.

Why should people attend Hack the Gap Demo Day?

Attend Hack the Gap Demo Day if you're ready to feel inspired and motivated to get shit done!

Becky Shaw

What do you enjoy doing outside of work stuff?

I play music in a couple bands with friends, enjoy cooking new things, film photography, as well as traveling somewhere new each year. I'm also preparing to kickoff a vintage home goods / plant-focused shop and business with my sister!

What was your introduction to Hack the Gap?

Kristen is a regular at the coffee shop I work at, and have heard her talking about it. I was so  excited about an opportunity to work with her outside of being a barista!

What role have you been playing in Hack the Gap planning?

While Kristen and Safrat manage and prepare event logistics, my role has been to oversee volunteers and mentors, assist Kristen with sponsors, and to make sure Demo Day and this hackathon overall is a seamless success!

Why should people attend Hack the Gap Demo Day?

It's going to blow your mind by how smart and capable these women are, and you'll hopefully walk away from the event inspired to kick ass in your own life in areas where you feel doubt or uncertainty.