Hackers Gonna Hack: Meet Antoinette Smith

A series where we feature past and present Hack the Gap hackers and share their experiences with Hack the Gap, what they want others to know about the event, and what they’re doing now.

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What is your current job title?

Full Stack Software Engineer at Glitch

What year was your first Hack the Gap?


What were your expectations going into your first Hack the Gap?

I expected it to be organized like most other hackathons, but with 198% more women participants.

If you had to explain Hack the Gap to someone who has never heard of the event, how would you describe it?

I see it as a hackathon experience where women and non-binary folks can collaborate, be unapologetic about their confidence and skills, and have some fun taking an idea from concept to demo.

What was your favorite thing about Hack the Gap?

It is a no-pressure event. As an introvert and racial minority, I was pretty nervous about the process of even finding a team. But the environment created by the organizers and attendees made it painless. Also, the swag you get as a participant is the cutest!