Meet this Hacker: Nora Helf

Meet Nora Helf, a previous participant at Hack the Gap and a middle school teacher in Minneapolis. Nora currently teaches a STEM class to 6th graders! They teach their students how to code! Before becoming a teacher, they worked in the Department of Natural Resources after getting their B.S. in Environmental and Natural Resources Management from the University of Minnesota.

Like you, Nora loves technology. Nora signed up for Hack the Gap because they wanted to push themself to see what they could accomplish with a team. Hack the Gap reminded Nora that collaboration is the best way to work. Nora came into the event with the intent to create something for their students. They worked with fellow hacker and teammate Angeliki to come up with a hardware/software combo visualizing brainwaves for students to learn about being calm and meditative.

Hack the Gap has inspired Nora to pursue a career in teaching technology-based content and although they will not be attending any hackathons in the near future, (they have curriculums to refine!) Nora would love to attend another one and see what they can do with a team. Nora loved being surrounded with people who were supporting and cheering them on. Nora believes that it's important to see women and non-binary people coming together to work on technology, because many people have never seen something like Hack the Gap before.

Hack the Gap brings together women and non-binary people to work and collaborate on technology. If you want to get inspired and see what you can do in a team join us at Hack the Gap 2017!