Welcome Kira Taylor!

Please join us in a warm welcome to Kira Taylor who will be interning with us for the next few months! We are so happy to bring another passionate human being onto the team to join us in our mission of creating space for more women in tech and entrepreneurship.

With each event, we continue to see the demand for more--more events, more space, more valuable skill building, and more genuine connections. Our events continue to be at capacity for attendance and we knew after wrapping up the last hackathon that if we wanted to grow the event to reach more women, we were going to need help.

This is where Kira comes in. She’ll be helping in many ways to improve our next event from a process and execution perspective, but also by bringing a fresh perspective to the team. Every time you add someone to your team, you have a new set of ideas, values and push back. We look forward to Kira’s help and her ideas, opinions and perspective.  

In our first meeting with her, we were quickly laughing and connecting with each of our experiences. We were grounded in a shared vision of what we want to see in the world for women. Kira has an amazing story and we can’t wait for her to make Hack the Gap even more than it is today.

Please say hello to Kira in Slack or on the social medias--and in person at the next Hack the Gap in January!

Kira Taylor

Hello everyone! As they mentioned my name is Kira Taylor. I’m as student at the University of Minnesota studying Entrepreneurial Management. I am originally from New Jersey but I’d like to think that I’ve made a new home for myself here in Minnesota. In terms of relative experience, this past summer I worked on developing the blueprint for a Hackathon whilst I was in Copenhagen, Denmark doing a study abroad program. That was when I first learned about what a hackathon was and I immediately thought it was incredibly awesome. I also have a lot of volunteer experience that I feel I have the opportunity to leverage in this position.

I’m very excited to work with Jenna and Kristen on this event. This internship caught me off guard but the second I heard about it I knew I had to get it. I couldn’t pass it up. I’m also really excited to meet all of you because this event would be nothing without you. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or message me on Slack. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and working with Kristen and Jenna to make this Hack the Gap the best yet!